Wall Fragment (Four Circles)
Wall Fragments (Stack II)
Wall Fragment (Landscape)
Wall Fragment (Wall/Floor)
Wall Fragment (Framed Photo)
Wall Fragment (Circle)
Wall Fragment (Frame)
Wall Fragment (Random)
Fragment (Stack)
Wall Fragment (Tilted)
100 Dotted Spaces
House at Night (Five Windows)
Immaterial Architecture
Six Planes (hallway)
Dotted Neon Corner 2
Tilted Planes
Dotted Neon (Floor)
Dotted Space (Corner Target Gallery)
Invisible Objects
Dotted Neon Space (Corner)
Dotted Space Book
Dotted Planes - Sammer Gallery
Chair and Window
Four Doors
Room Tunnel
Craft Stick House
Dotted Space
Prop Piece
Flat Mugs
String Chair
Broken Glass (Berlin)
Corner Shift
Dotted Planes I
Dotted Gallery Wall
Wall with Outlet
Reflection II
Plastic People
Dotted Plane Intersecting Art Center
Dotted Planes
Dotted Line
Arrival /Departure
Shadow Still Life
25 Enlarged Periods
Self Portrait
Self Portrait - Janus Head
Still Life Pears
Reflection 1 (Vanitas)
A Single Piece of Popcorn
Enlarged Period
Warped (Revolving Door)
Photographer's Shadow
Rotating Box
Candle Flipbook
Cast of Previous Cast and Cast
Collapsible Chairs
My Pillow Cast Each Morning
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